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Guide to Wedding Bands

A wedding band, a symbol of the vow of sacred union, a promise to ourselves and to another. 

A promise to see and to experience the divine in another.

A vow, to embody the feeling of oneness;

Through the union of two.  


One of the biggest client inquiries that we receive, is how to choose the right wedding band that holds both the story of the lovers, the significance of the vow, and has the right aesthetic and function.

We've put together a guide with wedding band ideas, to help you match the right wedding band style to your engagement ring.

Wedding Bands for High Profile Engagement Rings

     Nature inspired solitaire diamond engagement ring made in 14k gold.


High profile engagement ring styles, such as the Nectar of Surrender Engagement Ring, have a raised gallery, which allows for straight wedding bands to sit flush against the band of your engagement ring, underneath the gallery setting.

Straight Diamond Wedding Band

Comet Trail – Straight Diamond Wedding Band

Straight diamond wedding band made in 14k yellow gold.    

The Comet Trail Diamond Wedding Band, is a straight diamond wedding band, encrusted with 1mm diamonds along the band, ideal for stacking with a high gallery engagement rings, or worn in multiples. 

Open Diamond Wedding Band

Iabet – Straight Open Diamond Wedding Band


The Iabet Diamond Wedding Band, is a straight diamond wedding band, with a gentle opening at the centre, ideal for stacking with low or high gallery engagement rings, worn on it's own, or with other everyday staples.

Contour Diamond Wedding Band

Maori – Contour Diamond Wedding Band

Contour diamond tiara wedding band made in 14k yellow gold.       

The Maori Diamond Wedding Band, features a diamond tiara, designed with a delicate contour, meant to stack with low or high gallery engagement rings, ideal stacking with a simple engagement ring, to add an extra sparkle to the pairing.

Language of Spirit – Chevron Diamond Wedding Band

Diamond chevron wedding band, made in 14k yellow.     

Designed with a chevron shape and a wave contour, the Language of Spirit Diamond Wedding Band stacks with a low or high profile engagement ring that best compliments an east west marquise or oval engagement ring, along with other shapes.


Wedding Bands for Low Profile Engagement Rings


Low profile engagement ring styles, such as the Shadow Ancient Cycles Engagement Ring, has a gallery that sits flush with the finger, which stacks with open and chevron wedding bands shapes.

Chevron Diamond Wedding Band 

Between Worlds – Chevron Diamond Band

Diamond chevron wedding band made with 14k yellow gold.     

Designed to make a statement, the Between Worlds Diamond Wedding Band, features a variety of cuts, and stacks both low and high engagement ring styles and will decorate all centre stone shapes. 

Light Eos – Chevron Diamond Dangle Band

Chevron diamond dangle wedding band, made in 14k gold.     

Designed to stack with most engagement ring styles, the Light Eos Wedding Band, features a tiny diamond dangle, meant to symbolize the ever changing movements of life and a low chevron contour.

Open Diamond Wedding Band

Unchained Naiad – Open Diamond Band

Open diamond wedding band made in 14k gold.     

Our most versatile and best selling wedding ring, the Unchained Naiad Wedding Band, features an opening, and an elongated contour that allows to fit almost all engagement ring styles.

If you'd like to try on our pieces in person you can visit one of our stockists, such as Anne Sportun, Fiat Lux, Lane and Kate, Good Fortune, Len Collective, Beam and Anchor or book a consultation by sending us an email here.

Hope this guide helps you choose the right band for your special symbol of union.