Founder & Designer

Anastassia Selezneva began her creative exploration as a painter, and transitioned to jewelry design in 2012. The desire came spontaneously and instinctively when she walked into a jewelry supply store on Queen St in Toronto. 

This chance encounter ignited an immediate curiosity: Anastassia taught herself basic goldsmithing techniques most nights and early mornings. Moving between her kitchen counter and her makeshift studio, she experimented with wire wrapping gemstones, fusing metals, and stone setting. 

Her life began to form a duality; she was a business analyst by day, and an artist by night. The pull to be immersed in creativity became clear and in 2015, when Anastassia quit her job, began training as a professional goldsmith at George Brown College and simultaneously, launched her line, Anastassia Sel Jewelry. 

Curiosity was her fuel as her design aesthetic took on many forms, landing on ultra fine jewelry. Anastassia’s work draws inspiration from her creative and spiritual journey, with each piece being a testament/ symbol of the stories and narratives that surround her.

Creative Director

Luana Suciu is a Romanian creative director with over 12 years of international advertising and integrated marketing experience across Europe, USA, Canada and Singapore. 

With a conceptual mindset and a strong eye for design her craft is expressed through graphic design, art direction and photography, always in search of creating meaningful connections between brands and people. While starting a career in visual communication, Luana has always been passionate about architecture and product design which pushed her into learning about jewelry as another creative medium of expression. Luana’s creativity is heavily influenced by her surroundings and curiosity of exploring and learning about different cultures, having lived and worked in Boston, Brussels, Toronto, New York and Singapore – long enough to call all home.


Anna Laskin is a multi-disciplinary artist, with photography, jewelry design and art direction as her preferred mediums. She first began her creative journey as a multi-media painter, and then evolved her creative expression, by teaching herself photography and jewelry design. Simultaneously she grew her knowledge of the design methodology by studying Industrial Design at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) in 2010. After a number of years working as an art director, Anna Laskin is pursuing her other passions of design and photography.
"Capturing Anastassia's jewels is an inspiring process of playing with light and reflections to allow her beautiful creations to come to life on the screen."