Anastassia Sel Jewelry is a collection of alternative fine jewelry, designed and handmade with elegant simplicity in mind. Each piece is meant to be treasured and worn over time to share an individual story.




Each object takes on an unorthodox approach to classic jewelry design and finds genius in the unconventional. From redefining a traditional halo with diamond crown to using colour stones, Anastassia creates new versions of classical designs.

As an artist, Anastassia takes inspiration from the fluidity of the human body, its shapes and forms, and translates it in refined and intricate minimalistic pieces with an organic fit.


“My mission is to create a silent dialect between the object and its wearer for years to come.”



Anastassia Sel Jewerly Studio is committed to providing our customers with high quality fine jewelry without compromising our ethical or sustainable values.

Our jewelry is made in Canada using ethical design principles: crafted exclusively using 100% Canadian gold and a select list of diamond supply partners who are committed to providing top quality diamonds and coloured stones that are conflict-free.

The company was founded in 2015 by Anastassia Selezneva and has been seen in Vogue, Elle Canada, Chatelaine, and Wedluxe magazines and also walked the New York, Milan and Toronto runways. The collection can be found in select stockists in Canada, US and online.



Anastassia Sel Jewelry Studio was born when Anastassia and Luana met in Toronto at a spontaneous gathering in 2013 that neither planned on attending. The two bonded over an evil eye necklace: an iridescent moonstone with a black freckle in the middle, that Anastassia made earlier that day. Like kindred spirits, they easily delved into topics of art, design and travel, and soon found themselves building the brand Anastassia Sel Jewelry and working on their first photoshoot.

Anastassia and Luana continued to hone their craft in their individual creative journeys – Anastassia as a full time designer and business owner in Toronto, and Luana as an Art Director in a advertising agency in New York City. With collaboration, and complimentary skills at the heart of the business, their partnership thrived on the 12h difference between one another. Currently you can find Anastassia splitting her time between Canada and Mexico and Luana between Singapore and Sweden. 

Today the two continue to collaborate on product design, the brand’s creative direction and the future of Anastassia Sel both online and offline.