Jewelry Care

Anastassia Sel Jewelry pieces are delicate by nature and we encourage our customers to take extra care when wearing our work, especially rings. Remove all jewelry pieces during sports and cleaning. Please avoid contact with abrasive surfaces and harsh chemicals. Remove all jewelry when showering, washing your hands or swimming (pool, hot tub etc.), before sleeping and when applying cosmetics, perfumes, sprays, creams and oils.  Please try to remove jewelry when doing rough handwork that may damage the stones. 

Diamond and gemstone jewelry can be washed using mild soap, warm water and a soft toothbrush. Carefully rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth after washing the jewelry. Most importantly be gentle.

We encourage extra care for Opal jewelry. Opal is a soft stone that has a hardness of 5.5 out of 10. To ensure longevity of the stone, never wear Opal when gardening or playing sports as it can be scratched by dirt particles. Any hard knocks or exposure to extreme temperature change can cause the Opal to crack. Avoid contact with very hot or cold water. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners and chemical cleaners.

As part of your ring maintenance, we encourage our clients to have their rings checked and prongs tightened every 8-12months, by us or a local jeweller to ensure your stones don't come loose. Please refer to repair prices below. 

Repair Service

Most engagement rings are delicate creations with intricate details on the band and setting. Even with the best of care, jewelry pieces may require professional attention and occasional repair. As gold is a soft metal, it has a tendency to scratch and change, so extra care should be taken when wearing to maintain quality and appearance. If an ANASTASSIA SEL piece requires repair, please send us an email in order to get shipping instructions. Once we receive the jewelry we will contact you immediately with follow up information regarding the estimated cost of repair and the time required to complete the repair job.

Repairs during the first year due to manufacturing issues will be covered by ANASTASSIA SEL Jewelry, less the cost of shipping (there and back), duties, brokerage fees and taxes. Our warranty excludes coverage due to wear and tear and/or negligence. Within the first year of purchase we will replace side or accent diamonds that go missing if we feel that it is a manufacturing defect. The coverage does not extend to centre stones. After one year, the repair cost and shipping cost, including brokerage fees, duties and taxes will be covered by the customer. We are not responsible for broken or lost stones outside of the 1 year warranty, however we offer stone replacements at a reasonable repair fee. 

For clients who do not wish to send in their repair, please contact us and we will do our best to find a reputable local bench jeweller to repair the piece for you. ANASTASSIA SEL is not responsible for the repair fees incurred by other jewellers. 

Jewelry that has deteriorated with normal wear is subject to normal repair prices. Please see repair prices below:

Prong Tightening
If you would like for us to inspect your piece of jewelry for loose prongs and tighten them, we are happy to do it. The fee starts at CAD$40. Fee does not including shipping cost. 

If you would like for your piece of jewelry to be cleaned and re-polished to get rid of scratches and dents, the fee starts at CAD$30. Fee does not including shipping cost.

Jewelry breaks which is a sad fact. In most cases we can solder it back together. The fee starts at CAD$20 per solder joint. Fee does not including shipping cost.

Ring Sizing
The fee to size a ring starts at CAD$60 and varies depending on the complexity of the ring and number of stones. Fee does not including shipping cost.

Note: It is normal for a ring to change from feeling loose and snug throughout the day. This relates to changes in body temperature and water retention. Accepting that these fluctuations will occur is the best way to feel happy about the fit of your ring.

Replacing Lost Stones
Over time it is normal for stones to come loose, especially small stones. The cost of the stone and the cost of re-setting it will be determined based on the value of the stone and the complexity of the setting.

Re-Setting Stones
If a stone came loose and didn't get lost, we can reset it for you. We will first determine how the stone came out and then secure it in its setting. Setting fees vary for stone sizes. Additional charges may apply if a setting needs to be rebuilt. 

Re-Tipping Claws
The tiny prongs that help secure a stone in it's setting are very prone to becoming damaged. There is not a lot of metal there and over time they can wear thin or can get damaged if the wearer is not gentle with their jewelry. Having a strong setting insures that your stone will be safe. Fees start at CAD$20 per claw.

Over time rhodium plating on white gold jewelry will wear off and expose the white gold underneath which has a yellow undertone.  We can re-plate your jewelry to make it look new again. The fee starts at CAD$60.