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Life’s nuances of sacred equilibriums; dancing the earth’s tides, with grace and flow. In calibration. In tune with our inner temple; our ancient knowledge; to strike the equilibrium of life.

The Balance charm, represents the duality of creation and our innate ability to adapt and calibrate to the movements of existence to achieve harmony. Each charm is reversible and features an intricate design code on both sides to represent our inner world and our reflection. 

Each piece is encrusted with two opals, two champagne diamonds, one pink sapphire and one white diamond. Opal invites the energy of deep introspection, sapphires the energy of wisdom and diamond, courage and truth. 

The charm measures 6.5 mm x 26 mm (with bail). The opal measures 3.8 mm, the side stones measure 1.8 - 2.1 mm.

Each piece is 100% designed and handmade in Canada, using certified 14K or 18K Canadian gold and ethically sources diamonds and gemstones. Please allow 4 weeks for production on regular orders and 6 weeks for customized orders.

For rush orders or customization please send an email to contact@anastassiasel.com.