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Gold Charm Necklace

365 days of light, 365 days of trust. With every sunrise and every night fall, I trust. With every moon, and every tide. I trust. With every person I meet, I trust. With every place I see, I trust. With every experience and every touch, I trust. With every moment of every day, I trust.

The Explosions of Light necklace, symbolizes trust as the key to the concealed parts of life. It is through trust that we see the holistic blueprint of our life. That we trust the unrevealed path in front of us. That we know that which is concealed will be revealed in time. To see trust as a compass, as a guardian as a key. 

The talisman is encrusted with one opal and five white diamonds. Opal invites the energy of deep introspection and diamond symbolizes courage and truth. Each charm is reversible and features an intricate design code on both sides to represent our inner world and our reflection.

The opal talisman measures 17 mm x 20 mm, features a 3.5 mm Ethiopian Opal and is encrusted with five brilliant cut diamonds, 1.8 - 2.1 mm, SI1 - VS1 clarity,  G-H colour. The pendant hangs on a 16" chain.

Each piece is 100% designed and handmade in Canada, using certified 10K yellow Canadian gold and ethically sources diamonds and gemstones. Please allow 5 days to ship.