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Independent and brave, she explores new quests, undefeated by boundaries and risks. She is a pioneer, blazing new paths with fire and tireless ambition. She is a seeker that leaves no stone unturned in her path to find meaning. 

This single east-west marquise ring features a 4mm x 8mm Opal with a band thickness approximately measuring 1.3mm.

Opals are beautiful and iridescent gemstones that should be properly cleaned and cared for to bring out their beauty to its fullest potential. Please visit our jewelry care page for more information.

Each piece is 100% designed and handmade in Canada, using certified 14K or 18K Canadian gold. Please allow 4 weeks for production on regular orders and 6 weeks for customized orders.

For rush orders or customization please send an email to contact@anastassiasel.com.