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Songs to sing forever; ignited by light, laughter and gentle surrender. Everlasting, every flowing, love.

The Gentle Embers earring studs, represent our inner fire. As we move through life so does the fire within us. It can be bright, it can be wild, it can be gentle, it can be every emotion. It can even dim. But even in the faintest of fires, there will always be an ember, to re-ignite.

The delicate earring studs feature opals to invites the energy of deep introspection.

Each earring measures 3 mm x 9.8 mm and has three 2 mm - 3 mm Ethiopian opals. The studs are ideal for layering and mixing with your everyday earrings.

Each piece is 100% designed and handmade in Canada, using certified 14K or 18K Canadian gold and ethically sources diamonds and gemstones. Please allow 4 weeks for production on regular orders and 6 weeks for customized orders.For rush orders or customization please send an email to contact@anastassiasel.com.