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Together as if dust specks, dancing their duet.

The Dust Spirit earrings, represent the exploration of omens in our reality as we follow these delights outside of our sense of perception. 

The delicate earring studs feature salt and pepper diamonds to invite the energy of positivity and wander.

Each earring is set in an asymmetric four prong setting, featuring a 3 mm round salt and pepper rose cut diamond. Each salt and pepper diamond has a unique formation. The studs are ideal for layering and mixing with your everyday earrings.

Each piece is 100% designed and handmade in Canada, using certified 14K or 18K Canadian gold and ethically sources diamonds and gemstones. Please allow 4 weeks for production on regular orders and 6 weeks for customized orders.For rush orders or customization please send an email to contact@anastassiasel.com.